About Us

Ceaser was established as a result of the tremendous technological changes in the surveying scene, stretching back to the early 1980’s.


At that point, calculations were beginning to move from hours of manual mathematical work, rolls of graph paper and planimeters, to Hewlett Packard handheld computers and magnetic cards.


After this came the Psion “Organiser”, and already here programmes and basic software were being written so that designs could be added without tedious calculations.


Ceaser (Civil Engineering And Surveying Earthworks Routines) was written by Michael Papenhagen, an established and esteemed member of the surveying fraternity in South Africa, in order to harness these technological advances. The aim was to help surveyors to be at the forefront of modern surveying techniques.


Ceaser spread quickly by word of mouth, as surveyors came to recognise its potential to cater to every possible solution required by a user.


Soon, international interest was piqued in this incredible software, and together with Michael, international investors came on board to share the programme with a wider audience.


Today, Ceaser is a fully fledged company with numerous programmers and backup staff supporting the program on an international basis. The program has also been re-written with the latest development platforms and techniques assuring that the software will continue its reputation as a leader in the surveying software market.